Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How We Celebrated the Holidays

First off, some good, old-fashion, messy fun! Who doesn't love a tasty s'more?!?

Decorating the Christmas tree . . . One of my favorite holiday activities. We are HUGE ornament people. Each year the entire Brasel family gets together for an ornament exchange. Plus, we always buy a new ornament each year to signify something special that we've done during that year. (This year we added a Tinkerbell ornament to our collection because we had so much fun together at Peter Pan.) Here are the kids each putting their special baby ornament on the tree.

We made Santa cupcakes! More yummy fun!

Watched the parade together.

Made ornaments (Yes, you guessed it. Our tree is LOADED with ornaments.) Another fun ornament tradition around our house is making ornaments. Each year we let the kids make and give away ornaments. Plus, we make one of the kids' hands to hang on our tree. It was so cool to take out last year's hand ornaments & compare to see how much Ezra & Alexis have grown.

We celebrated Christ's birth with a play at our church. Alexis was a beautiful angel (even though she really wanted to be Mary). Ezra was our sheep---with a flashlight :) Everyone got to looking for the flashlight backstage & couldn't find it. Ezra had carried it out & showed it to baby Jesus.
Christmas day was wonderful. We really enjoyed getting to spend time together with our family. We also enjoyed the Christmas snow. All the kids wanted to do was to eat it. If you know Ezra, that is not surprising.
A few days later, we enjoyed another snow.
And of course, we had some fun with tape . . . . doesn't everyone?!? I really thought this would keep Ezra's little hands busy while I was wrapping. What I didn't know was he'd love it & we'd all end up in the floor laughing at him!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wedding~Keith & MaLinda

(Click image to enlarge)
It was our honor to photograph Keith & MaLinda's family wedding. Please enjoy these images from their wedding day.

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

I love Christmas cards. I love sending them, & I love receiving them. I had the best of intentions of designing (& sending) Christmas cards this year. But I never did. (Oops! So sorry! BTW, I loved all the cards, you sent! Thanks!)
So, let me be the first to say "Happy Valentine's Day, Friends! You are the greatest!"
I'm posting this early enough so that if you want to send Valentine's Day cards to those you love, you still have time. Just let me know if you are interested, & I'll get you some information.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wedding~Chris & Jeanine

Here are just a few favorites from Chris & Jeanine's November wedding. I am hoping to have the computer fixed within two weeks and finally have things back to normal.