Monday, September 17, 2007

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For several years, we have been supporting Operation Christmas Child, a project of Samaritan's Purse. Operation Christmas Child brings joy and hope to children in desperate situations around the world through gift-filled shoe boxes and the Good News of God's love. The power of a simple shoe box gift can be far-reaching, blessing both the child who receives a box and the person who prepares and fills it. Here are a few stories about how through these simple gifts, the message of God's love is being shared around the world, and many lives have been impacted for eternity.

From Kondwani: “Everything I got was of great value. My mum has just given birth to a baby boy. In the box there was a beautiful blanket, three pairs of baby clothes, sweets for all of us, soap, toothpaste—just to mention a few items. All these things my daddy could not afford to buy. Please send our sincere gratitude to the people who sent us these gifts. Everybody is happy. These are gifts from God.”

From an 8th grader who packs boxes: “It is gratifying that I put a smile on the face of someone who is less fortunate than myself. I love to find different and unique toys to put in my box. I also love the fact that the boxes are filled with Christmas joy—a Christmas joy that many may not have had before.”Columbia, South Carolina

Lady in Virginia: On the last day of an overseas missions trip, Katie Hall had an encounter that could only be described as a divine appointment. A team from her church in Virginia traveled to Armenia to do door-to-door evangelism. While visiting in the home of a 10-year-old girl, Katie was astonished when the child showed her a gift she had received seven months earlier from someone in America. It was an Operation Christmas Child shoe box wrapped with blue snowflake paper that included a religious tract and a toy monkey. Katie could hardly believe her eyes when she recognized that it was the box she had packed in Virginia!

Now through November 10, we will waive the $40.00 session fee when you bring in a gift-filled shoe box to donate to Operation Christmas Child.

Boxes need to be for either a boy or a girl in the following age categories:
2-4 years
5-9 years
10-14 years

Here are a few gift ideas:

TOYS: small cars, balls, dolls, stuffed animals, kazoos, harmonicas, yo-yos, jump ropes, small Etch A Sketch®, toys that light up or make noise (with extra batteries), Slinky®

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: pens, pencils and sharpener, crayons or markers, stamps and ink pad sets, writing pads or paper, solar calculators, coloring and picture books

HYGIENE ITEMS: toothbrush, toothpaste, mild bar soap (in a plastic bag), comb, washcloth

OTHER: Hard candy and lollipops (please double bag all candy), mints, gum, T-shirts, socks, ball caps; sunglasses, hair clips, toy jewelry, watches, flashlights (with extra batteries)

A PERSONAL NOTE: In a separate envelope, you may enclose a note to the child and a photo of yourself or your family. (If you include your name and address, the child may write back.)

Do Not Include: Used or damaged items; war-related items such as toy guns, knives or military figures; chocolate or food; liquids or lotions; medications or vitamins; breakable items such as snow globes or glass containers; aerosol cans

Click here for complete packing instructions.

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