Thursday, January 10, 2008


Jamison Foster Photography is having a contest, and you don't want to miss out. We are offering two free "Trash the Dress" bridal sessions.

We know you spent tons time searching for the perfect dress and then paid a small fortune for it. You were so careful the day of your wedding not to get the train dirty or to spill your drink. But now where is that dress? If it's like mine, it's stuck in a box in the closet never to see daylight again. Because we all know, Alexis is going to want to wear the same dress I did--even if it happened to be in style 3 decades later.

Here is what we propose: Get it out have some fun! I doubt you'd invite your friends over and drag them into the closet to see your wedding dress. Wouldn't you rather have stunning photographs of you in your dress hanging on your wall for them to admire? Would you like to surprise your husband with a beautiful, non-traditional photograph? Or would you like to include him and make some great new memories together?

The details: We are giving away two free sessions. One will happen if we EVER get a snow. Meaning beautiful, serene backdrops, snowball fights, snow angels. . .

The second will occur this spring/summer and will include water. Waterfall, swimming. . .

Either session will mean you have incredible photographs and FUN, FUN, FUN!

Plus, we are giving each bride 2 11x14 prints

How to win: Anyone can win--even if we didn't photography your wedding. Just e-mail us your name, contact information, and a photograph of you in your clean wedding dress. Also, let us know which session you are interested in: Snow or Water.

We will announce the winner of the snow session soon so don't hesitate.

Check out what we mean by trash the dress at

While we don't plan on burning dresses or totally destroying them, please do be aware that they will probably get wet/dirty. But if you are up for totally trashing a dress, let us know. We got a great idea that involves paint!

Here are other options for used bridal gowns:

Brides Against Breast Cancer

Heavenly Angels in Need

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