Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Newest Photographer

Alexis, our two-year old daughter, has always been in front of the camera. Now, she has discovered she loves taking photographs as well. We have a Canon PowerShot SD550 Elph that we keep handy at home and take with us to capture fun family moments. I've been letting Alexis take photos with it. Surprisingly, she is doing quite well. Here are a few of her recent photographs.

Her friends in her bedroom.

Hmmm . . . someone's having a birthday today. Here's a hint: HE needs more than five candles! A lot more!

Our friend, Dave. Alexis was looking at these as I was posting and commented, "I didn't take a very good picture of Dave. I cut his head off."


MrsFierceShoes said...

What a hoot! Mini-me! She's pretty good too...!

Anonymous said...

That's my grandaughter!!