Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Great News About Metal Prints

Several weeks ago, I blogged about our new 2009 products. We are so happy to now offer exciting, contemporary ways to display your photographs.

Today, I got more great news--metal prints are now available in larger sizes AND with float mounting. Float mounting means that all the mounting hardware is located on the back of the metal for a very clean look. When using float mounts, the metal sits about 1.5 inches off the wall. Very nice! (Float mounting is available on all sizes except 4x6 and 10x20.)

Another mounting option is to use hanging kits. Hanging kits include holes drilled in the corners of the print and chain link sections (with hooks) for hanging.

Metals are available with square or rounded corners.

Metal prints are printed on approximately 1/8" thick commercial grade aluminum. You may notice some small bumps or scratches on your metals. This is a natural part of the product.

Metals are available in two finishes: brilliant or aluminessence.
Brilliant finishes are bright and clear with a glossy white base. Aluminessence finishes are transparent allowing the aluminum base to show through (mostly in white areas).

Single metal print with rounded corners and hanging kit.

Single metal print with square corners and hanging kit.

Multiple prints hung with hanging kit.

Larger view of chain and hanging hooks.

Call Candy to order your metal prints today.

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