Thursday, August 5, 2010

Father's Day Suprise

These works of art are what the kids created for Daddy on Father's Day. Every day at lunch for a week, I'd ask them to tell me what they liked about their Dad. I wrote all their "likes" down on a sheet of paper and then created a border with them. The kids then finger painted a picture of them and Daddy.

Alexis (the top one) says, "I like it when Daddy helps me get dressed and takes me out for ice cream. I like it when Daddy helps me learn (like to hold the broom the right way.) I like wrestling. I like it when Daddy helps me clean my room."

Ezra's (below) says, "I like Daddy to play in my room. That's nice. It's fun to lawnmow with Daddy. I like him so very much. I like it when Daddy throws me down. I like it when Daddy plays softball and hits the ball."

Needless to say, Jamison LOVED them. Their sitting on top of the piano in our downstairs hallway . . . an everyday reminder to do things with our kids because they love it.


Denise said...

That is so awesome. What a creative genius you are! : )

Jamison Foster Photography said...

Thank you!