Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas Part 4~Elegant (Folded) Cards

Today it is time to meet the next option in our line of cards . . . Elegant (or folded) cards. Our Elegant Cards are like most cards that you find at Wal-Mart or Hallmark, with a design on the front, opening to reveal a design in the middle, and ending with a design or information on the back. Our Elegant Cards are exceptional in that YOU are the star of our fully-customizable design. Enjoy the samples below:


(middle spread)


Elegant Cards are available in several sizes.

Elegant Cards are availalbe in four different paper choices:

**Standard--Heavy weight cover stock with a slight shine

**Watercolor--Slightly rippled texture lends an artistic touch

**Linen--Subtle embossed finish adds an elegant touch
**Pearl--Metallic-like sheen that really pops


(middle spread)


Elegant cards are sold in sets of 24. Envelopes are included.

2010 Elegant Cards are $66.99 per set.

2010 Christmas Special: Buy ONE set at regular price, get the SECOND set for 50% off, get the THIRD set for 75% off, and get the FOURTH set for FREE!

(All sets must be identical and ordered at the same time for the discount to apply.)


1 set=$66.99

2 sets=$100.49

3 sets=$117.24

4 sets=$117.24

Contact Jamison Foster Photography today to order.

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