Monday, March 2, 2009

Blogging Blunder

Hi All-

Just checking in with a quick hello. We have been so busy lately with everything that has been going on that my blogging has been non-existent. I am so sorry!

I am working hard today on all our latest sessions and hope to have teasers up today or tomorrow.

Amanda and Bryan, You will be amazed. I have not had any trouble at all telling Andru and Jaxon apart. They are no where close in size! There are so many of the two of them together that just make go "Ahhh! How cute!" I can't wait to share with you and to see your favorites. Oh, and Alexis had no injuries from falling down the stairs. It's given her a great story to tell Nannie and Papa. :-)

Mary, I know you can't wait to see Kalisa's photographs. I promise they will be up soon. Thanks for being patient!

Plus, Saturday was Ezra's first birthday. My baby is 1. Be looking for photographs from his birthday and his first haircut.

And finally for all of you who have been asking for photographs of our new house. We have gotten the majority of the painting done. I just have touch ups to do downstairs and a few walls upstairs that need total paintings. There will be photographs of this coming soon. Plus, I gotta say Watts and Webbs did such an awesome job w/ our carpet. It is awesome. I was very impressed that they went above and beyond to do such a great job. I can't wait to share our new home with you! We are loving it! Ready to have all the finishing touches done and finally be unpacked.

Back to work editing so that I'll have photographs to post soon.

Again, thanks for your patience! We love our clients.

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