Saturday, March 28, 2009

Life with the Foster's

I am catching up from the past couple of month's collection of our family photographs. Here are my two sweet kids--mostly Ezra. He celebrated his first birthday w/ close family and friends. He loves cars and wheels of all kinds. Thank you, Janetta, for making such a cute cake. It was perfect. Both kids also got haircuts. Alexis' second and Ezra's first. As you can tell by Alexis' expression, she wasn't thrilled about it. She was afraid she'd get her curls cut off! Ezra really needed a hair cut. He was so fuzzy. But I held out and waited until he was one--or at least the day before his 1st birthday. Tanya @ Exquisite was awesome. I never knew that you could cut hair on such a wiggly, squirmy, uncooperative little boy. :-) She worked her magic and charmed Ezra with the power of a sucker. He was super cooperative then. Isn't he handsome with his new haircut???

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