Monday, October 26, 2009

On The First Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me . . .

. . . . a lovely Christmas card.

Guess what??? We've been singing Christmas carols & watching Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer. So, this week I decided to kick off our Twelve Days of Christmas blog series. What is this??? Well, stay tuned because for the next twelve days, I am going to share great gift ideas with you for your friends and family.

I hate posting Christmas cards on-line because it is so difficult to show some of the more complex cards in a 2-D format. So call me with questions because I have numerous samples that you can check out before making your decision.

Ok, let's get started. I picked this card to be first because the design is my absolute favorite. This is called a side show card and is part of our Premium Card Collection. These fun cards are cut back 1" to reveal a strip of the inside.

this is the front of the card.

this is the inside view--completely opened

Next is another fun card from our Premium Card Collection. It is a tri-fold card.

Here is the front view:

As you open the card, you will see the message "Merry Christmas with love Jamison, Candy, Alexis, & Ezra." After opening that flap, the card unfolds to this:

Isn't that beautiful?

Next comes Layered Cards (again from our Premium Card Collection). Layered cards are great because they are so different and eye-catching. Plus, your friends/family end up with a great keepsake. Choose a red, black or white embossed underlay and design a 3x9 “bookmark” style card that is attached with a silver spiral paper clip. The top layer is a card that the receiver will keep all year to use as a bookmark! Cards include a white designer striped envelope with a unique vertical opening.

Here is an example of the top, keepsake layer:

Wow! This card (called an accordion fold card because of the way it is folded--not rocket science there) is so impressive & holds a ton of your images. A great idea for a large family session or if you just can't narrow your favorite list down. :)

I've only posted images of the card as it would look flattened out. So use your imagination. The front of the card is the message from the family. The card is folded accordion-style with an image in each section.

This is one of our simplest cards & a client favorite. Introducing the photographic card. This 4x8 inch card is printed on the same high-quality photographic paper as your Jamison Foster Photography prints. Exquisite . . .

I think this is such a brilliant idea. So simple, so easy, so fun. Instead of sending a card, this year send a postcard. Why? Well, it's cheaper, & it's so stinkin' cute!

Think a flat card is a great idea but missing your envelope??? Don't worry. We also offer flat cards (We call them our Deluxe Card Collection) that are printed on the front and the back. So keep that super cute flat aspect but get double the space.



Finally, meet our Elegant line of cards. These are your traditional, folded Christmas cards.




Here are a few other great things about our Christmas cards:
* fully customizable
*envelopes are included
*available in four paper choices (smooth, watercolor, linen, or pearl--with the exception of the photographic card line)
*going to be loved by their recipients
*are so cool that you'll want to keep one for yourself :)
*start as low as $1.49/card

So, let me know what your favorite images are, what card collection you are interest in, and I'll whip up a couple of cards for you to check out. No pressure . . . no commitments.


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