Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Children's Photography~Ezra Guy Foster

As I posted earlier, our baby is now two! During each of our children's first year, Jamison and I photographed them on a monthly basis. Now that they are older, we try to be sure that we schedule at least one session for each of them around their birthdays. This year, not only did I want to show how much Ezra was growing (seems like several inches every other week!), but I also wanted to show things he was interested in and to reflect his personality. SUCCESS . . . I thought we did all that and more! I love these photographs and will cherish them always!

I know in a few more years I will be looking back at these and thinking, "Man, his feet used to be so tiny." But right now, all I can think is, "Man, my baby's feet are huge!" (Sniff, sniff . . . having a Mommy moment)

I <3 my Ezra Guy!

Children grow up so fast. Don't let all the little memories slip away. Call us to today to schedule a session. 870-743-5793 or

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