Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family Photography~Meet the Fosters

Meet Jamison's sweet mother, Peggy. She recently has moved to Arkansas, and we are loving it! Shortly after her arrival, all her sons came to visit. This is the first time that everyone has been together since Jamison and I got married (over 8 years ago).

Here's the entire Foster crew acting crazy.
Here we are again. We didn't know everyone was going to be together until a day before it happened so the photography session was a little impromptu. Jamison was setting these up on timer and then running around to get in the photograph . . . all while trying to entertain the little ones to keep them looking and smiling . . .tough job!

This is Peggy and her four children: Jerry, Jamison, Josh, and Justin. About 30 years ago, they all crammed into a photo booth at the mall and took a snapshot like this one.

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