Thursday, July 1, 2010

Destination Wedding Photography, Kansas City, MO~Cody and Renee

We were thrilled to be asked to travel to Kansas City and photograph Cody and Renee's wedding. Not only was this an awesome adventure for Jamison and I because we got a weekend away without kids, but Cody's mom and I are cousins. Even though Cody and I don't get to see one another that often throughout the year, we have spent many a summer together at the lake knee boarding and skiing. Renee and I are probably sisters . . . . we just never knew it before. As I gotten to know her, I discovered that we are so much alike. So this was a huge honor for us--not only to be a part of their wedding--but to have the privilege to capture this special time for them.

Rehearsal--One of the cool things about destination weddings is that sometimes we get to be a part of the rehearsal, too! Here's Renee and Cody with their right-hand man, Nick. It was his job to keep everyone in line and to be sure things ran smoothly . . . you did great, by the way!

Emma and her bestie . . . doesn't get much cuter than this!

Wedding Day Preparation--Cody and Renee got ready at their new house. It was such fun, just watching them relax and hang out with their friends and family. I was amazed that things were so cool and calm. No one was rushing around. Except maybe Titus and Roman (the way-too-BIG-to-be-house dogs) who wondered what was going on.
Don't Renee and Emma look stunning?!?
Emma was such a wonderful model. She knew how to work it for the camera and was so fun to hang out with and photograph.
Ceremony--The ceremony took place at the Grain Valley Community Center. The weather looked scary all day long, but thankfully, it cleared up and was perfect for the ceremony.
One of my favorite parts of a wedding is always the flower girls and ring bearers. You never know what they are going to do. Emma walked down the aisle with best buddy & ring bearer, Kyrie. She dropped one single flower petal at a time, each equally spaced and in a straight row. :) Like a Hansel and Gretal bread crumb trail for Renee to follow.
I love the emotion in this photograph of Cody's parents watching their soon-to-be daughter walk down the aisle.
Cody surprised Renee when he proposed and part of the surprise was that he gave her his Nannie's ring. Check them out here. Here's Papa Jerry handing him the wedding ring.
Newly weds!
Reception--One of the traits that Renee and I have in common is that we both notice details. I was thrilled to see each and every thoughtful detail that went into planning their reception. I went around with my mouth open oooohing and ahhhhing over all the little things.
This is another great photograph filled with emotion. Cody and Renee are surrounded by family and friends as they watch a slide show filled with photographs of their lives.
Notice this beautiful cake . . . Renee made it herself. It is a favorite of Jamison's. She's been kind enough to share the recipe (which was passed to her from Nannie Doris). Hopefully very soon, I will get a chance to make it. This will make Jamison very happy!
Here's another thing that made Cody and Renee's wedding so special--they filled it with things that made them happy and had special significance to them. This champagne was a gift from Renee's grandpa. They had been saving it for the wedding, & it was a special reminder of him that day.
Let's dance!
To me, this photograph says, "Don't worry. I'll be here forever."
Mother/Son dance
Time for the garter toss. I smile every time I see this photograph. I just can't help it.
I am just as prone to sappiness as the next gal out there. This last image came during one of the sweetest, sappiest moments ever. During the Daddy/Daughter dance, all the dads in the place got up and danced with their little Cinderellas. It was so touching. Made me wish that our Cinderella could have been there.
Congrats you two! May God continue to bless your lives in so many spectacular ways!

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