Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Life with the Fosters~It's a Boy!

So what has given Candy a sudden aversion to chocolate pudding, has Ezra singing lullabys, & is keeping everyone up at night (ok, maybe just me)???? It's our new puppy.

Alexis got to meet Strawberry (2 wks old here) a few weeks ago. He was her favorite out of all the puppies.
Today, we brought Strawberry home. And, yes, this is how Strawberry spent most of the day (as you will see).

Showing off their new puppy. Alexis was a great "mommy" and helped teach Ezra how to be nice to the puppy.
Strawberry got a little Sesame Street education today, but it really made him sleepy.
Alexis didn't mind being his pillow.

Nap time is over. Time to play. Strawberry LOVED chasing the kids around the house. He'd try to bite their toes.
The kids loved this game, too!
Whew! Poor Strawberry is all worn out again. I told you he'd spend most of the day this way. He did fall asleep twice sitting up & fell on his nose! Once he stuck his nose in the corner and fell asleep w/ his head on the floorboard. The kids cracked up because he looked like he was in the naughty corner.
More doggie love.

Once after watching Strawberry fall asleep sitting up and land on his nose, I told Alexis to lay next to him and snuggle him. Does it get any cuter than this???
Hugs and Kisses!

We love our puppy!
Moose (our other dog) & Strawberry hit it off just great. I just forgot to take photos of that . . . too busy mowing the yard. Yuck!

I'm so proud of Alexis for being such a good little mommy today to Strawberry. She spent the entire day caring for him & was patient when he needed down time to rest. Check her out here when we went to Tulsa to get her first Boston Terrier, Spotted. Man, she sure has grown in the last two years!

FYI: There are times when we post family fun shots that we will not always have perfect photographs. That's because they're personal, fun, and just to capture our special, every day, family moments. We have a Canon PowerShot SD550 Elph. I've really enjoyed it. Simple enough that I can use it (or the kids) but still takes great photographs. However, it has been around awhile. Once after a major drop onto the kitchen floor, Jamison and I had to spend two hours piecing it back together. So, I'm dreaming of a new point & shoot & praying this one keeps on working. Any suggestions? What do you use? Do you like it? Do you have one you don't like? My must . . . it has to be fast enough to keep up with the kids. I don't want all my photos to be blurry.


Denise said...

Oh! He's so adorable....! Jason and I ooood and ahdddd over the cuteness. Now he's jonesing for a puppy. Oy... Keep Strawberry away from tractors, lol.

Jamison Foster Photography said...

I knew you'd appreciate that post :) They still have two more puppies (one boy/one girl). I'm hoping Moose will be a good influence and keep Strawberry close to home.

Lisa said...

Such adorable pictures! I can tell the kids love the puppy, such joy in their faces!