Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summertime Fun

Our summers are usually pretty busy with work, work, and more work. But we do like to mix some fun in there too! Here's some of the fun we've been having this summer . . .

SLIP AND SLIDE . . . this was so much fun. Even Jamison and I had a blast! This fun ended when Moose (our dog) ate the end of the hose. Bad, Moose!

ZOO TIME . . . Thanks to a work-trip, we ended up in Tulsa for the day. Our kids love, love, love zoos. In fact, we've been thinking about a zoo-cation this fall. Any zoos you'd recommend?

$$ STORE SHOPPING . . . My kids love going in and being able to buy whatever item they want. So far this summer, we've accumulated a LOT of buckets and shovels (which were wonderful when the kids went camping & make pretty good gardening buckets), goggles (Alexis thought she'd be able to swim w/o a life jacket once she had a pair of goggles), sunglasses (can anyone say 80's), a chompin' hippo (who bit the back of my head as I drove to church one Sunday), Alexis' first 100 piece puzzle (which she kicked butt at), dry erase markers, jumbo pencils, pretend makeup (Alexis has to use this now before she can leave the house), punch balloons, shaving cream (I'm saving this one for some outdoor fun. Just had to let Ezra's chin heal up first.), and a Jedi sword (which is great for dragon slaying).

KIDDIE POOL . . . Whew! We don't know how to play outside without getting into the pool. It's been up ever since early May!

HOMEMADE ICE CREAM . . . or any ice cream for that matter. And the more sprinkles the better (or so the kids say). The ice cream in Alexis' mouth started out as vanilla, but when you add blue, yellow, and red sprinkles, you get GREEN! EWWW!
Yes, it was hot that day. So hot the ice cream wouldn't get hard so we drank it through straws. Still tastes the same! :)

What do you do for fun in the sun?


Renee Smith said...

I love reading about your sweet family and all of the adventures that you have together! Have you taken the kids to the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, MO yet? It is fairly small, but very hands on for kids and affordable. On some days you can even feed the giraffes for just a couple of dollars. Emma loves it!

Jamison Foster Photography said...

Thanks, Renee. We went to Dickerson Park Zoo when Ezra was a baby. (So it's been while!) Next time you take Emma, let us know. We'd LOVE to meet you there!